Fall 2020 Collaboratory Events

Language Collaboratory: Advancing Intercollegiate Dialogue on the Teaching of Language and Cultures

The Language Collaboratory is a partnership for the advancement of intercollegiate dialogue on the teaching of languages and cultures, driven by language centers and institutes at the University of Iowa, the University of Michigan, the University of Minnesota, Michigan State University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The purpose of this initiative is to provide collaborative professional development opportunities for educators of language, culture, and literature at the five institutions.

Fall 2020 Sessions

Thursday, October 1: Is my language course ableist? Identifying tension between language learning course design and fairness for disabled learners. Caitlin Cornell, Michigan State University

Monday, October 5: You’re a teacher, not a cop”: Prioritizing access in course structure. Cecil Leigh Wilson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thursday, October 15: Accommodating diverse student needs in the online and remote teaching environment.  Mandy Menke, University of Minnesota

Thursday, October 22: Technological phonocentrism: Teaching strategies for signed languages.  Rebecca Clark and Jannelle Legg, University of Iowa

Monday, October 26: Asked and Answered?: Rethinking Class Questions…and Other Examples of Asynchronous Instructional Design as Social Justice in a (Post-) Covid World.  Jennifer Gipson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thursday, November 5: Willkommen, bienvenido, bienvenue, you are welcome here. How do foreign language teachers make sense of LGBTQ identities and queer-inclusive practices in their classrooms.  William Coghill-Behrends, University of Iowa

Thursday, November 12: The hands-off approach to student presentations: Gallery walks in intermediate language classes.  Janaya Lasker-Ferretti, University of Michigan

Thursday, November 19:  Exploring guided and independent learning practices to promote learner autonomy and self-regulation.  Brian Barnett, Emily Groepper and Katrien Vanpee, University of Minnesota

Thursday, December 3:  Agency-Based Language Learning.  Felix Kronenberg, Michigan State University

Monday, December 7:  How facilitating learner autonomy can foster inclusivity.  Pamela S. H. Bogart, University of Michigan

Thursday, December 17: Language Collaboratory Networking Session